Knowledge Utilisation & Transfer: Individual, Organisation and Policy 'KU02' was held at the University of Oxford, July 1 to 3, 2002.

Message from the Host

Following on from the great excitement generated at last year's Knowledge Utilisation Colloquium in Canada hosted by the University of Alberta, 'KU02' aimed to build on this success and extended the agenda and participants to wider disciplines and countries across the world. The importance of the international policy context for KU02 is significant. In today's climate, transforming organisations to become knowledge rich, and utilise diverse sources of evidence has become the imperative yet remains a huge challenge.

KU02 hosted by the RCNI brought together a network of over 40 people representing Canada, USA, Europe, Australia, NI and the UK. Policymakers, academics, researchers, students and key promoters of change in organisations explored current research initiatives, the emerging body of knowledge in this field and considered new initiatives and future possible international collaborations. Key issues for further research and development were identified, and capacity building for continued and future work in this area initiated.

Commitment was given to holding a 3rd colloquium in Quebec City, hosted by the University of Laval, supported by the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation. It is hoped that by next year's meeting some benefit will have already been realised from the links and connections made at KU02 in Oxford this year.


Presentations at KU02

Mapping the Reality

Outcome: To gain some clarity about our stage of development in this discipline.

Mapping the Three Worlds of Knowledge Transfer by Landry, Amara and Ouimet

Mapping the Terrain (abstract) by Huw Davies

Mapping the Reality Outcome Summary by Joanne Rycroft-Malone  

The Organisation

Knowledge Utilisation and Transfer and the Organisation by Brendan McCormack

Knowledge Utilization: The "Classical" Approach by Marita Titler  

Knowledge utilization and transfer and the organization by Cheryl Stetler and Shannon Scott-Findlay

Organisation Outcome Summary by Joanne Rycroft-Malone  

The Individual

Outcome: An understanding of how and if research focusing at the level of individual could inform the development of implementation strategies.

Research Utilization & the Individual by Carole Estabrooks  

The Individual (abstract) by Tracey Bucknall

Individual Outcome Summary by Joanne Rycroft-Malone

Policy implementation

Outcome: To better understand if policy implementation methods are working and how they might contribute to the body of knowledge about knowledge utilisation and transfer.

Knowledge Translation: A View from a National Policy Perspective by Elizabeth Dickson

Evidence-Based Practice: Policy Change by Lynne McQueen