The Knowledge Utilization Colloquium 2009 - KU09 for researchers and trainees in the field of knowledge utilization/translation was held June 24 - 26, 2009 in Deganwy, North Wales. The planning committee for KU09 was Jo Rycroft-Malone (UK), Lars Wallin (Sweden), Tracey Bucknall (Australia), Carole Estabrooks (Canada), Brendan McCormack (UK), Cheryl Stetler (USA) and Marita Titler (USA).

Colloquium Information

The objectives of KU09

  1. To engage in purposeful discussion about knowledge translation and measurement/evaluation, impact, context and sustainability.
  2. Through participatory processes develop research questions and ideas that will inform future KT research and development.
  3. To provide a forum and networking opportunity that supports capacity and capability building of KT researchers/students and that enhances collaborative endeavors.

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Presentations at KU09

A Research Agenda for KT/KU

Promoting Action on Research Implementation in Health Services (PARiHS)

KU09 Context Workshop

Context Assessment Index - K. Nilsson-Kajermo

Context Assessment Index - B. McCormack

The Alberta Context Tool - Carole Estabrooks

Using the Alberta Context Tool in Sweden - Lars Wallin